Universidade do Porto

University of Porto LogoWith origins dating back to the eighteenth century, the University of Porto (UPORTO) is currently one the most prestigious Higher Education Institutions of Europe. Close to 32,000 students, 2,400 teachers and researchers along with 1,600 administrative staff attend its 15 schools and 60 scientific research units, spread across 3 university campuses located in the city of Porto. With 14 faculties and a business school, UPORTO provides an exceptional variety of courses, covering the whole range of study areas and all levels of higher education. In fact, offering over 600 training programmes per year (from degrees to continuous professional training), UPORTO has teaching solutions for everyone. UPORTO is the biggest producer of Science in Portugal, responsible for 23% of the Portuguese articles indexed each year in the ISI Web of Science.

The Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto (FEUP) is a leading institution of international reputation whose achievements in research and teaching have positioned it at the forefront of the schools of engineering. FEUP is the largest faculty (among 14) belonging to University of Porto, with more than 8,500 students and 406 (FTE) professors across 9 departments. FEUP offers 3 Bachelor degrees, 9 Integrated Masters, 11 Independent Masters and 22 PhD Programmes. All the integrated masters, as well as the master in Mining and Geo-Environmental Engineering, exhibit the European quality label EUR-ACE. FEUP is nowadays an institution recognized nationally and internationally. Recognition of the quality of FEUP is also visible in the high place it occupies in the most respected international rankings of engineering (e.g. for Chemical Engineering 1st position in Portugal, 13th in Europe, 64th in the World in 2013 in the NTU ranking).

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https://sigarra.up.pt/feup/en/web_base.gera_pagina?p_pagina=1183 and https://sigarra.up.pt/feup/en/WEB_BASE.GERA_PAGINA?p_pagina=256509