TU Dortmund

Prof. Norbert Kockmann

Prof. Norbert Kockmann (Professor of Equipment Design) is among the international leaders in the field of microstructured devices and continuous-flow processes in chemical and pharmaceutical production, focused on process intensification and modular equipment setup.

Prof. Norbert Kockmann is the Head of the Laboratory of Equipment Design since April 2011. Before, he held several positions in academia and industry as a research group leader, project manager, expert in microreactor and continuous-flow technology. He is an expert in design and application of microstructured devices and modular plant setup [1-3]. His dissertation was on fouling in evaporators and coolers and its mitigation. He has published two monographs in micro process engineering and more than 30 peer-reviewed journal papers. He is a chief scientist at the INVITE GmbH and gave valuable input for modular design and scale up of microstructured equipment. In September 2012, a short course in Future Chemical Production was held at INVITE by Prof. Kockmann and Dr. Bramsiepe.

Prof. Kockmann is currently teaching the introductory course of chemical engineering with more than 200 students. His main course is on equipment design in the third year of the Bachelor curriculum of biochemical and chemical engineering. Further courses of Prof. Kockmann are on micro process engineering and on the history of chemical engineering and innovation. All courses are regularly evaluated by the students. Prof. Kockmann is a personal member of the Dechema and involved in many committees of ProcessNet, also in the education working party. He is in contact with Prof. Kelava from TU Darmstadt to setup a competence matrix and measurement tool for evaluation processes in WP4.