Université de Lorraine

Prof. Eric Schaer

Eric Schaer is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at ENSIC – University of Lorraine. He is developing researches in catalytic chemical engineering at LRGP, the Reactions and Chemical Engineering Laboratory (UMR 7274) in association between the University of Lorraine and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS).

In relation to this project, he developed an original NTIC course devoted to the design of heat exchangers, and adapted it to a flipped classroom pedagogy which is still utilised at ENSIC for the course of Heat Exchangers Design. He is member the Working Party "Education" of the French Society of Chemical Engineering (SFGP). Its activities include pedagogical developments in the field of engineering (active learning, PBL, e-learning, teaching evaluation, learning outcomes ...), as well as the organisation of the "Education" sessions of the regular SFGP conferences.

He is also the French SFGP delegate within the Working Party on Education (WPE) of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering. In this context, he has contributed to the update of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering recommendations for the implementation of the Bologna process in Chemical Engineering Education.